Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s never too late to try something new. This year, Dream Dinners wants to help you start a tradition and create more memories with your family.

From football to crafts, here are a few wonderful and creative ways you can spend your holiday.

  1. Turkey Bowl — whether it’s playing or cheering this is a simple way to get the entire family involved. Make an event out of it, choose the teams a head of time, design uniforms if you’d like and brace yourself for hilarious feats of athleticism.
  2. Story time — many of us have aging family members with incredible stories we have never heard. As we grow older these stories are being lost. This Thanksgiving take the time to record a stories from you grandparents, aunts and uncles. Looking for ideas check out
  3. Thankful Tree — instead of going around the table, you can use the thankful tree to reflect on the year’s blessings. Easily designed the night before and the thankful tree should be completed by your guest with wonderful notes of thanks.
  4. Thanksgiving Crafts — for the younger kids take the time to look up a few crafts that are easy and can remain up around the house for the entire holiday season. For more ideas, check out Disney’s crafts

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