The Puget Sound, My ‘Home Away from Home’


vern-driving-boatBoating in the Puget Sound with my husband Vern at the helm is my favorite ‘home away from home.’ There is something peaceful about inhaling the salty breeze, watching sunlight dance on the water, and taking in the grandeur of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges from the east and west. I love rushing out to snap photos of sunrises and sunsets, always unique and saturated with color. Time on our boat never gets old. “Ah,” I’m often in wonder at the beauty surrounding us. This is my heaven on earth.

At night, waves lull us to sleep; we hear the lines moan and the water splash the stern. By day, we drop anchor in our favorite bays and come ashore to enjoy the beaches and island hikes. Other times we moor at charming ports like Salt Spring Island or Roche Harbor and enjoy the quaint shops and local fare.

Even in a small space like our boat, we always make room for company. I love hosting! Before dinner, adults share conversation over glasses of wine or we steal moments away to snuggle our little granddaughter, Olivia, with a book and a blanket. Her eyes show delight, glancing up from storybook scenes to the water all around.

As an added bonus, with Dream Dinners, we get to eat gourmet food wherever we go! I always have a freezer full of meals we can thaw and prepare (instead of cramped cupboards overflowing with ingredients). My favorite entrees to serve on our boat are Herb Crusted Flank Steak and Greek Island Shrimp. The minimal preparation and easy clean-up make it possible to focus on each other and causes our guests to feel like royalty wherever we sail!

Life is full of ups and downs, so it makes time even sweeter when we can cruise around the Sound and get away from it all. I’m so grateful!


PS. Our post was inspired by who asked, ‘What’s your favorite Home away from Home?’



olivia and stephanieStephanie Allen is Co-founder and President of Dream Dinners and a New York Times best-selling co-author of The Hour that Matters Most.
Naturally a visionary and optimist, Stephanie hopes to inspire America through her nurturing voice of encouragement, assuring families…    

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