Transforming your grocery store bouquet into a lovely arrangement


When someone hands you a grocery store bouquet, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to make it look pretty? You don’t have a whole lot of time because your guests are all here and you are cooking. I am going to show you two really quick tips.

I am going to show you in a small vase and a big vase what to do. I am going to start with the big vase. Here’s a really good tip, Scotch Tape. Make a big X on your vase with scotch tape. I want to make slots for my flowers to go in. So I am going to tape the vase, the tape won’t show, now we are going to cut the flowers.

Okay I got my flowers all unwrapped here; I am going figure out my length and find my cut mark. Now I am going to take some scissors and cut them right off. I have sorted the flowers, there is usually in the bouquet at least one big one, you want that one to be the centerpiece so put it in the middle. Then take your other little flowers and put them around in the holes where your scotch tape is until the vase is filled. There are cute little pieces of greenery to tuck in and add the mini carnations as filler on the edges. Keep fussing with it until you get the shape you want.

Then you have extra greenery here, I am just going to cut it into pieces to fill the jar up. There you have it a grocery store bouquet.

Okay let me show you how to do this if you only have a little vase. You don’t need to use the tape. We are just going to cut our flowers off a little bit lower. Again we are going to start with our big one in the middle. I am just going to keep adding these nice and low, and in a bunch so they all bunch up together. The problem with these flowers is that they have these big long stems and if you put them in a big, tall vase they just open up and never look really pretty. They don’t look like a nice professional little bouquet. This is a great trick to learn for any time of year really, not just the holidays. If your husband brings you a bouquet or your girlfriend and you just don’t know what to do with it, it is so easy just to do this. It is amazing what you can do with an inexpensive flower bouquet from the grocery store. You can turn it into a $20 flower arrangement.