Traveling with Dream Dinners: Camping Edition

Do you and your family have a camping trip planned this summer?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice delicious family meals while you camp, and with Dream Dinners, you won’t have to! Our menu is filled with camp-friendly meals perfect for bringing along with you on your getaway this summer. Ask your local Dream Dinners about this month’s best camping meals. Pack up the portable grill, prepare the cooler, and get ready for the tastiest camping trip your family has ever taken!

Dream Dinners Tips for Campsite Cooking:

Bring the Right Supplies

A successful dinner while camping requires the right cooking tools. You will want to bring several kitchen essentials to ensure you have everything you need on your trip. The number one essential you will need to bring along no matter what you decide to cook is a box of matches and lighter fluid. This is especially important if you plan on doing your cooking over an open fire. Another option is to bring a portable grill. We love this option as it helps simplify your cooking experience while camping, and we have plenty of grill-ready meals!

Tinfoil is Your BFF

Tinfoil is a campsite cooking an essential. Using tinfoil makes it super easy to cook dinners and even easier to heat up dinners that you may have pre-cooked for your trip. Pack any food you would like to heat into a foil pack and heat it up over the fire. Do you like to cook over the fire with a cast-iron Dutch oven? Check out these disposable aluminum foil liners that will save you time and energy cleaning up!

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals before you camp will make dining off the grid more enjoyable. By planning your meals ahead of time, you can ensure you will have everything to enjoy a tasty meal. Some meals require different supplies than others, and some must be pre-cooked before you head out. Plan your meals so you are prepared!

Keep a Clean Cooler

Keeping a clean cooler is essential if you want to keep animals away and avoid foul smells while you camp. To ensure your cooler doesn’t become too odor heavy, wipe the cooler down with water and baking soda solution. This will help keep smells out for the duration of your camping trip.

Pre-Measure Your Ingredients

Pre-measure all your ingredients so that your meals are ready to cook. Space is a valued treasure while camping, so you don’t want to take up unnecessary space with measuring cups and ingredients you don’t need! Pre-measure and pack everything ahead of time to ensure your campsite cooking is done most efficiently. If you don’t feel like pre-measuring, bring Dream Dinners where all the ingredients are pre-measured for you!

Prepare Necessary Meals Ahead of Time

Certain meals need to be cooked before you head to the campsite. Cooking meals ahead of time is a great way to simplify your campsite cooking. Pre-cook the necessary meals, pack them tightly into zip lock bags, and when you are ready to enjoy them at your campsite; throw them In foil and heat them up over the fire.

Freeze Meat Before Putting it in the Cooler

For meals that you aren’t pre-cooking, make sure your meat is frozen. Keeping meat frozen will ensure that it lasts longer in the cooler.

Freeze Juice

In addition to freezing meat, freeze any juices or drinks you want to enjoy cold while camping as well! Keeping frozen juice in your coolers will help to keep other items cool as well. You’ll be thankful when you wake up to a nice, cold glass of orange juice in the morning!

Use a Separate Cooler for Drinks

This tip is vital if your camping extends across multiple days. For more extended camping stays, keep your drinks in a separate cooler to minimize the number of times you are opening the cooler that contains food. Keeping the food cooler shut will help to keep your food fresh!

Pre-chop Ingredients

In addition to pre-measuring your ingredients, you always want to pre-chop them as well. There is no need to bring along your cutting board; chop everything before you go to simplify your cooking process!

Our menu is full of ready-to-cook meals that are perfect for camping. We do all the shopping, chopping, and prepping, so all you have to do is pack us along for your trip! Click here to place an order today.