Turn Classic Meals into Delicious Burgers

It’s May and that means, it’s National Burger Month. We have two burger options currently on our menu, but we want to help your family celebrate with four more fun and healthy ways to turn your traditional meals into creative burger- style alternatives everyone can enjoy.


  1. Simple Burger Just add a bun to ourSweet Cider BBQ Chicken for a quick, and easy way to transition you meal from a traditional chicken dinner to fun family favorite in seconds. Top it off with your favorite cheese (we recommend cheddar) and serve alongside our savory sweet potato fries.

  2. 001_herb_crusted_flank_steak_med

  3. The Next-Day BurgerCreate an Herb Crusted Flank Steak burger and utilize your leftovers. Serve slices of our tender steak on a toasted rustic roll for a burger with a distinctive flavor your family will enjoy. Enjoy this one on its own or round out your plate with any side salad. Add a little something extra by mixing up some homemade seasoned mayo—combine Italian seasoning and a bit of garlic to the mayonnaise of your choice.

  4. 295_soy_glazed_salmon_med

  5. Inspirational BurgerCreate a burger with a theme, flavor palette or seasonal inspiration in mind. As summer fast approaches we recommend creating an Asian inspired burger with our Soy Glazed Salmon. Serve on a toasted brioche bun and top it off with fresh coleslaw for a light and refreshing summer meal. Seasonal Fun—Serve with fresh or grilled pineapple for a pop of color on your plate and extra flavor for your palate.

  6. 014_chipolte_shrimp_med

  7. Not-quite-a-Burger, BurgerDon’t be afraid to think outside the box when creating a dinner alternative for your family. Our last “burger” does just that. Swap out the Jasmine rice for a soft hoagie roll and you’ve created our Chipotle Shrimp “Burger.” Load up your roll with our perfectly cooked Chipotle Shrimp, top it off with the Mango Salsa and serve. Fun fact—May 5th is also National Hoagie Day!

Create wonderful memories with your family by taking risks and remixing your dinners for something new and exciting!

Share your creations and remixes with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (#RecipeRemix,) we love to hear your stories and see your pictures.