Understanding and Reducing Stress for Today’s Moms

Today’s moms must juggle a large number of priorities ranging from work, to kids, to preparing dinners. When the number of priorities are overwhelming, it can lead to unhealthy levels of stress. The following article from Life123 explains how stress works and how we can protect against it.

Protecting Yourself from the Effects of Stress

If you experience significant stress in your life on a frequent basis, you’re not alone. In this fast-paced, complex world where people live and work, stress is almost a given fact of life. While a certain degree of stress can have positive effects by motivating an individual to address and react to a difficult situation more quickly, if a stress load continues over a long period of time the effects of stress on the body can be less adaptive, resulting in chronic health symptoms and an increased risk of stress-related illnesses, including heart attack and stroke.