What does Dr. Brent say about broccoli?

Eat more of it!!  Broccoli, like all cruciferous vegetables, contains large amounts of sulfur compounds that enhance the ability of the liver to remove toxins from the body. Broccoli is high in Vitamin A and various phytochemicals which may help prevent certain cancers (all this and only 44 calories per cup).

When I was a child, I would only eat the florets of the broccoli even though my mom tried to convince me that the stems had more nutrients. Was she right? Sorry, mom.  The amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber is about the same in both part of the vegetable. However, the florets have more than 7 times the amount of beta carotene. Mom was just trying to be thrifty.  If you are the same way, don’t discard the broccoli leaves.  They are higher in nutrients than any other part of the plant and can make a great addition to any salad.

In one study, people who ate broccoli more than twice a week were found to have a 23% lower risk of cataracts compared to those who ate it less than once a month.

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