What does Dr. Brent say about spinach?

It took 25 years for my taste buds to mature enough to appreciate cooked spinach. Why? Probably they were trying to tell me that raw spinach is the better way to go. Overcooked and canned spinach lose as much as 50% of their nutrients. Spinach is high in Vitamin A (beta-carotene which is good for eye health), Vitamin C and folate. It is an exceptionally good source of iron and calcium; however, spinach also contains oxalic acid which can inhibit the body’s absorption of these nutrients. Absorption of iron can be increased by eating spinach with a fruit or vegetable that contains additional Vitamin C. Baby spinach has all the nutrients of full-grown leaves but lower oxalate levels.

Why grow it yourself when it’s so easily available in every grocery store?  Spinach is one of the foods on which the most pesticide residues are found.

Did you know that people with latex allergies are often also allergic to spinach?

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