Why walking is the perfect activity!

Looking for a great way to exercise and spend time with the family? Why not take a walk together!

  1. It’s easy to fit into your daily schedule. Just walk five minutes in one direction, then turn around and walk back. That’s already 10 minutes. Get off the bus a couple of blocks before your usual stop. Circle the shopping mall once before you go into a store.
  2. If you want a harder workout, all you need to do is add  hills or walk faster. You’ll also burn more calories if you bend your arms at the elbow and swing them with each stride.
  3. You can do it at any age or fitness level.
  4. In addition to being a good cardiovascular workout, it’s a weight-bearing activity and helps keep your bones strong.
  5. It’s free. There are no gym fees or greens fees.
  6. The only equipment needed is a good pair of shoes and the proper socks.
  7. You can do it anywhere.
  8. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends.